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Puggle history

A puggle is a hybrid, and comes from breeding a pug and a beagle.
Puggles are believed to have been bred originally in the U.S. around 30 years ago. They are now the most popular of all the hybrid dogs, due to their looks, versitility and intelligence amongst many other traits.

  Puggles love food! 
This, along with their quick minds makes them very easy to train both basic obedience and tricks.

 They have a most gregarious nature and most will happily fuss total strangers- not guard dog material at all.
Puggles come in many colours, the most common being a solid body with a black mask, the body colour ranging from pale cream to deep red, or black. White bibs and feet are often seen. Less common are solid puggles with no mask.
 Bi-colored puggles are normally found in second or third generations. These are white coats with colour patterns ranging from true lemon (rare) to red
Tri coloured are two coloures and white.
Dilute colouring comes from the beagle and can only show in a second  plus generation as the dilute gene needs two copies to affect the coat.
A second generation puggle is a result of breeding a first generation puggle to another first generation puggle. These are known as F2 and litters tend to have much more colour variation.
 An F2, F3, or four is still a true puggle as long as it is 50% pug, 50% beagle
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